About Us

Pinnacle Peak combines the best outdoor products from around the world with very experienced staff who all share a passion for travel and adventure. This passion for the wilderness, cultures and heritage of the planet keeps us actively seeking new places to explore.

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It is our duty to bring you top-quality outdoor gear, apparel and equipment. We pride ourselves on encouraging those who embrace the wilderness and making those experiences memorable.

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We choose only the best products from innovative, recognized and reliable domestic outdoor gear manufacturers. Since we use these products too we set very high standards and wherever possible we undertake thorough field-testing.

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Pinnacle Peak is your dependable and trustworthy choice, with unparalleled customer support our team is dedicated on making sure all our customers receive the highest quality they deserve, and with Warehouses in United States, Australia, United Kingdom, France and China, we are able to offer Free and Fast worldwide shipping.

We hope that you find us both welcoming and knowledgeable, and always willing to help you plan your next adventure!